Too busy or just not interested in doing your own website updating?

A number of our clients prefer to let us take care of website updates and housekeeping.
Here are our packages:

Ad hoc Maintenance

We can efficiently and cost-effectively help you update information on your website.
Some of the most common updates:

  • Change website content/pricing/rates
  • Update contact information
  • Add a new service/page
  • Add/change images
  • Install an opt-in box for email marketing
  • Add a blog
  • WordPress training

Only $65 per hour (1 hour min. per invoice)(Add’l $125 one-time fee for non-HPCCo sites)

Basic Website Tune-up

Even WordPress needs a little “housekeeping” at least every 6 months.
To keep your site running smoothly and optimally, we will:

  • Update to the latest, most secure WordPress version
  • Update plugins/replace poorly maintained plugins/delete unneeded plugins
  • Optimize WordPress database
  • Clean out spam comments
  • Check for broken links
  • Add automatic backup plugins for files & database (if needed)

Only $125 if site built by HPCCo (Add’l $125 one-time fee for non-HPCCo sites)

Don’t let your site fall into disrepair for the lack of basic maintenance…