We Work with Entrepreneurs
Who Struggle with Ineffective Websites

The sad truth is most websites do a terrible job of promoting. In fact, poor web design is often the weakest part of a company’s business strategy.

I’ve known brilliant entrepreneurs and business owners who seem to have it all together… years of experience, incredible networking skills with a rolodex a mile long, outstanding presentation skills…and then ugly, boring websites.

Imagine visiting an office and strolling through a beautifully manicured lawn, with exotic and fascinating landscaping…and then opening the front door and seeing clutter to the ceiling, and no receptionist to help you find your way. That’s what a lot of website design is like – no clear message, no path to follow, and a whole lot of gobbledy-gook.

It’s too bad, because your website is the first place people go to find out more about you. And if it does a bad job of advertising your value, your visitor will click away. Gone forever.

A Well Designed Website Can Be Your
Greatest Business Partner…

working 24 / 7 to communicate the best you have to offer. Like a good handyman, your site should be available around the clock to make sure your customer’s concerns are addressed. And like a great sales team, your design should highlight the best you have to offer and position you as the best company for the job.

Does your site:

  • Present a clean, professional look that delivers your message for maximum impact?
  • Offer easy navigation that leads prospects to the key action you want them to take?
  • Assure your visitors that you have the experience and knowledge to help them?
  • Help prospects immediately find the solutions they’re looking for?
  • Make it incredibly easy for visitors to take the next step with you?
  • Automatically back itself up?
  • Make blogging simple, allowing you to communicate with your readers regularly?
  • Incorporate SEO tools that allow you to track traffic flow?

My name is Melodee Patterson. I’ve been working with computers since the early 1980’s when I was a programmer and systems analyst. After realizing I couldn’t sit in a little cubicle any longer, I started my own business in desktop publishing, where I helped entrepreneurs develop newsletters and brochures, design direct mail campaigns, and present a Fortune 500 image on a shoestring budget.

Desktop publishing led naturally into becoming a virtual assistant, which combines all my skills in design, branding, marketing, and communications.

Being a small business owner myself, I’ve seen how powerfully a great website can impact a company. I developed HomePageConstructionCo.com to integrate my marketing skills with my programming savvy, so we construct a website that works – not just a boring online brochure.

My team and I will work with you to develop a web design blueprint, and then construct a website that is fully customized and easy for you to change, update, and add to as you see fit. And before our construction crew runs out the door, we’ll actually train you to do your own updates!

To find out how to turn your website into your 24 / 7 handyman → Getting Started.