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Your Mind on Media is a remodeled website for professional speaker, author, and researcher, Joanne Cantor. She helps people make the most of their time and their talents by effectively managing the technology in their lives.

Joanne and I met at a book signing for one of my clients, Sally Anders ( I could hear the frustration in her voice as she talked about her struggles with her websites. As Joanne puts it, “My online presence was literally in chaos. I needed to start over and pull my sites together.”

Home Page Construction Company worked with Joanne to create an organized, easy-to-navigate website that showcases her speaking and consulting services, as well as her highly acclaimed book, Conquer CyberOverload. Joanne can now send all her potential clients to one website. Best of all, her requests for speaking engagements have increased which she attributes directly to her new professional-looking website!

Is your online presence in chaos?

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Discover how Dr. Joanne Cantor combines academic expertise with a down-to-earth ability to entertain and engage audiences as she educates them about productivity, creativity, and stress reduction! Get more information here.

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