Why WordPress?

WordPress started out as “blog software” – an easy yet robust platform for maintaining blogs. It still is. In fact, it’s the #1 blogging platform used today.

But it’s not just for blogging anymore. It’s evolved into a Content Management System that’s being used for every type of website imaginable – from basic corporate sites to eCommerce stores and private membership sites.

Here’s why the Home Page Construction Company is using WordPress to build our client’s websites:

  • WordPress is easy to install. Most web hosts are capable of running WordPress and installation takes just a few minutes. Plus, you can use it under your own domain name and web host. You no longer need a separate website and blog – integrate them with a WordPress website!
  • WordPress is easy to use. It must be – at least 15 million people have created blogs and/or websites with it! In no time flat, you’ll be posting on your blog and, with the help of the Headway theme the HPCCo crew uses, you’ll be making basic changes to your website – yourself.
  • Search engines love WordPress. As soon as you publish a new blog post or make changes to your WordPress website, the search engine bots grab it up. It’s one of the least expensive forms of marketing you can do online.
  • WordPress is free and open source. I’m sure you know what “free” means, but do you know about “open source” software? Open source means that the source code for WordPress is available for anyone to look at. That means software developers can create small applications that work seamlessly with WordPress and those applications give your website/blog more features and options than you can imagine.
  • WordPress content is available by RSS feed. That makes it easy for your clients to keep track of new blog posts and product announcements.
  • WordPress themes can make site customization easier than ever before. And with the new generation of themes like Thesis and Headway, ease in customization has taken on a whole new meaning. See why the HPCCO crew is using Headway in the sidebar.
why headway?

If WordPress is becoming the favored Content Management System for building websites today, Headway is the theme that will propel it into the future!

The Headway theme was developed in 2009 by Clay Griffiths. He wanted to create a versatile, easy-to-use WordPress theme that bloggers could use to design their own blog without coding. He went way beyond that definition - he's created a "framework" that developers can use to build affordable, custom-designed, search engine optimized websites that are as easy to maintain as a blog.

Once we've built your site, you'll receive 60 minutes of WordPress/Headway training so you'll be able to make basic changes to your own site. Want to update your rates? Got another bullet point to add to your list of services? No problem! Sign into your WordPress account and make those changes in a jiffy.

And, if you decide you'd like to add more pages, install another sidebar, or add to your widgets, you can learn to make those changes yourself using Headway's support documentation and forum, get some extra training from us, or just hire us to take care of it for you. Since Headway makes updating your site easier than most themes, letting us handle your major changes will be much more economical than you'd expect.

Send us an email to ask about Headway, or to get us started building your custom-designed website!