Rebranding? Get a website remodel

Mary Kay Aide of This is Your Life Coaching, LLC had a perfectly good website. It contained all the right information: her name, credentials, life coaching services, contact information and a blog. Unfortunately, it was kind of blah – like every other life coaching site on the Internet. There was nothing to “grab” new clients.

It was time for a change.

Mary Kay wrote a self-guided workbook called “5 Spa Tips to Rejuvenate Your Life” to help overworked and stressed-out women. It was a hit. Everyone loved the idea of a “spa” for their emotional self – their soul. Mary Kay decided it was time to rebrand her business.

Spa for Your Soul Coach was born.

Along with a new name and direction for her company, Mary Kay knew she would need a new logo and a website remodel. The Home Page Construction Company was happy to help her with those!

We custom-designed a logo and website based on Mary Kay’s specifications, using bright colors and a clean design. Since we used a WordPress foundation for her site, we could incorporate her blog into the design as well. Plus, using Headway as our theme made creating and optimizing the site easy peasy.

We also installed an opt-in box for growing her marketing list, and linked her shopping carts within the site. Everything combined to create a beautiful, easy to navigate website.

Are you thinking of rebranding your company? Email the crew at the Home Page Construction Company – we’d love to help.

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