Inherit an Old Website? Make It Your Own!

When Kira Milanich took over Massage East six years ago, she was plenty busy running the business and didn’t have time to spare on the website she had inherited. She decided that 2010 was the year of the website remodel!

The old site had lots of information but it wasn’t organized as well as it could be, and the design was old-fashioned and a trifle boring.

Their storefront for purchasing gift certificates took visitors to another site, with no easy way to get back to the main website.

For the new website, we were given a header that Kira’s brother had designed incorporating the new Massage East logo.

We took that image, Kira’s vision and content, and created a beautiful site that’s organized and easy to maintain.

We also incorporated the ability to purchase gift certificates on the same site – much more user-friendly!

If you’ve inherited an old website and you’re ready to make it your own,

contact us today!

If you’re looking for a professional, therapeutic massage (I recommend them highly!) in the Madison, Wisconsin area,

Contact Massage East!

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