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BG3 LLC (Architect/Designer Tingalls Graphic Design) is a a social media and email marketing agency that helps small businesses grow.

They offer strategic consulting, training, implementation and support services that help your business engage with customers in meaningful ways.

BG3 is a social media agency run and owned by Cathy Yerges, an experienced business woman who very much enjoys helping small businesses thrive. A believer in being truly helpful to others, Cathy is a big fan of “The Go Giver,” by Bob Berg, and does her best to follow the go-giver philosophy every day.

Cathy had some nice comments for us:
"Melodee and her team remodeled another website for me with awesome results. I knew I could rely on them to do a great job with this site, too. Melodee listened to what I wanted my website to do and did the leg work to make it all happen."
"I strongly encourage anyone who wants a professional and easy to update site to contact the Home Page Construction Company. I'm proud to include them on my site's list of recommended service providers."

Nvision Building & Remodeling

Nvision Building & Remodeling (Architect/Designer Katelyn O’Brien)

If you know someone who is looking for a builder or remodeler in the Fargo-Moorhead and Detroit Lakes areas of North Dakota/Minnesota, send them to Nvision Building & Remodeling!

Since 2008, Nvision Building and Remodeling has been transforming homeowners’ dreams into reality. They work to exceed our customers’ expectations by using the highest quality services and products available, using sub-contractors that are professional, and managing the use of our natural resources responsibly.

Owner Corey Normandin has been working in the building and remodeling industry since 1998. Read more about his services: http://nvisionremodeling.com.

Recovery Foundation

Recovery Foundation

The Recovery Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization that helps fund AODA outpatient treatment services to motivated individuals in recovery. They are focused on raising community awareness on the viability and sustainability of long term recovery from substance use disorders.

This website was built using Wild Apricot. Wild Apricot is a membership/events/contact management platform used by thousands of organizations.

Please check out their website and click the Donate button to help the Recovery Foundation help others!

Sherri Treuthardt

Sherri Treuthardt (Architect/Designer Katelyn O’Brien)

Sherri is an Energy Intuitive, Soul Coach, and Channel. As a Soul Awakener, she assists those who are seeking their truth through healing core issues and liberation from self-limiting beliefs. As a Master Teacher she channels Arch Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides.

Sherri offers personalized sessions to remember your true self so you can fully embrace your next step on your desired path. Her mission is to assist those who are ready to open their heart and reawaken their Soul.

She is also a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Healer.

Numbers 4 Nonprofits

Numbers 4 Nonprofits (Architect/Designer Amy Pierquet)

Their mission at Numbers 4 Nonprofits is to manage money with mission. They provide cost-effective accounting solutions for any nonprofit…regardless of size.

They take their commitment to helping you fulfill your mission to improve the lives of others very seriously. Their role is to be a partner in the growth of your organization. They deliver timely, meaningful and accurate financial information, and use that to support your decision-making process.

Devine Hahn Attorneys at Law

Devine Hahn Attorneys At Law (Architect/Designer Melissa Carlson)

Devine Hahn is a boutique litigation firm partnering with clients to aggressively protect their rights. With over 50 years of combined experience covering civil litigation, insurance defense, employment, discrimination and municipalities, Devine Hahn’s client-centric approach ensures better-than-most performance, truly a unique experience.

Devine Hahn, S.C. focuses on business, commercial, employment and personal injury litigation. It is accepting new clients and referrals from the legal community.

Maes Consulting Group

Maes Consulting Group (Architect/Designer Katelyn O’Brien) was a website remodel for Infusionsoft/Inbound Marketing expert, Jessica Maes.

Jessica provides Educational Resources, Done For You Automation Workflow and Campaigns, 1:1 Consulting, Implementation, and Ongoing Support. She works with clients in her office as well as virtually which allows her to partner with businesses anywhere in the world.

Jessica wanted her website to be more inline with her current services. She also wanted her site to be responsive with a new design.

Here's what she says about the Home Page Construction Company:
"Melodee has a great reputation in the virtual support industry and I trusted her to implement my vision and also let me know when she had ideas that would actually improve on the vision I had for a remodeled website."
"I operate on fairly short deadlines and HPCCo is able to accommodate my needs. HPCCo is also 'one stop shopping' so I had one contact throughout the process – which is really nice."

Madison Retriever Club

Madison Retriever Club

The Madison Retriever Club is a friendly group of members who share a passion for training retrievers. They are a premier retriever training and trialing facility with four separate properties in the Oregon/Stoughton area. They host 4 events (2 Hunt Tests and 2 Field Trials) each year.

Come train with them on their beautiful properties and learn the joys of training your dog to be your best hunting buddy!

This website was built using Wild Apricot. Wild Apricot is a membership/events/contact management platform used by thousands of organizations.

Allan Lowe & Associates, Inc.

Based in Alberta Canada, Allan Lowe & Associates Inc. are committed to providing Construction Team Excellence tools, processes, expertise and experience to improve your large complex construction projects - they bring the project and the people together!

Allan has amazing communication skills and trains those in the construction business how to improve team communications and relationships while reducing team stress levels. He also provides a construction partnering process - bringing together a project’s owner, the consulting engineers and/or architects, the contractors, and other key project stakeholders to create a cooperative project environment.

Allan Lowe, MBA, B.Comm., C.E.T., Principal, Allan Lowe Construction Partnering & Project Scorecards™:
"I needed to update and combine my 2 websites and was referred to Home Page Construction by a previous Home Page client. It was complex, there was a lot of content to merge and even more to add. I had no idea how to go about it. Melodee and her team worked with me every step of the way, provided professional advice, and also considered all of my inputs. I am very pleased with the work that Home Page did on my www.AllanLowe.com website! I have received many compliments from clients, and would highly recommend Home Page Construction for website development."

Learn more about Allan and his Construction Team Excellence Model™: www.AllanLowe.com ( Architect/Designer: Jennifer Seubert)

Puffins Presentations

Have the words “divorce” or “dating” recently entered your personal vocabulary?

Get in touch with Margaret Lambert, MSW, LCSW, (PuffinsPresentations.com). She specializes in all levels of couple relationships. Her services include Coaching for Individuals or Couples and Married or Partnered Couples Counseling.

Her classes - Rebuilding at Bethel separated and divorced program, the Dating Dementia™ class, or the Women’s Self-esteem and Relationships class may inspire you to live, learn, and love from a healthier and more fulfilling perspective.

Her mission? To help people work through difficult life challenges and empower them to make lasting change.

Get more information about Margaret and sign up for her truly amazing newsletter at www.PuffinsPresentations.com. (Architect/Designer: Jennifer Seubert)

Mary's Daughter

Barbara Boustead started Mary's Daughter to provide daily money management services for older adults and veterans in south central Wisconsin. Barbara is an experienced Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has an excellent understanding of the complexities and challenges that impact veterans and older adults and their families when dealing with legal, medical and financial matters.

Clients who contact Mary’s Daughter are usually in need of assistance with getting bills paid, reconciling bank statements, organizing legal, medical and financial documents, or just getting a sense of order in their lives. They are often overwhelmed by piles of paperwork and stacks of unpaid bills. Whether you require her assistance on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annual basis, her mission as your Daily Money Manager is to ease the burden of managing financial tasks so you can live your life without the worry of whether or not a bill has been paid.

She guarantees expertise, confidentiality and experience in our daily money management services, and she's dedicated to reducing stress and providing you with peace of mind for your financial matters. Her goal is to advocate and work on your behalf in matters of daily finances.

To learn if working with a Daily Money Manager is right for you or a loved one, contact Barbara to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation at www.MarysDaughterLLC.com. (Architect/Designer: iCandy Graphics & Web Design)

William R Monroe Piano services

Are you are searching for just the right person to care for your piano? Do you feel it is important to find a piano technician in whom you can trust? Do you desire to work with someone who values your input when it comes to what should be done with your piano?

Let your search begin – and end – with William R. Monroe Piano Services.

Whatever your reason for loving your piano, you deserve a piano technician who shares your passion. William R. Monroe Piano Services, Inc. is owned and operated entirely by William R. Monroe, a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technicians Guild. Bill is truly passionate about pianos of all types, and equally passionate about the everyday details of the work he does to make your piano everything it can be.

Bill's professional goal is to provide the absolute best quality, professional services to his clients; to recognize that every client has different needs; and that one approach to service does not fit everyone. Honesty, integrity, and fair-trade practices are guiding principles in his professional and personal life.

Take some time and browse through the William R. Monroe Piano Services website, explore the services that Bill provides, survey some of the photos of his recent rebuilding and restoration projects, and read what some of his clients have to say about Bill and his work. (Architect/Designer: Jennifer Seubert.)

Janette Gleason

Janette Gleason wants you to automate your small business to the next level of success! Whether you are a local service provider, a company with a large sales team, or an expert such as an author, coach, or information marketer, Janette Gleason has the experience and ability to help you create a comprehensive marketing plan and to effectively implement your ideas in Infusionsoft.

By listening to your needs and learning about your customer base, Janette will help you develop a comprehensive overall plan that will attract more leads, nurture your prospects, increase your conversions, and enhance the customer experience in order to increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Janette has created supportive coaching packages and elite consulting services so you will achieve greater success. With Janette and her team of Virtual Assistants, you will grow your sales, reduce your follow-up failure, and enhance your customer relationships.

Get started with Janette today! Get free access to her email series - "The top 5 things I did to be an Ultimate Marketer and how it transformed my business!" - on her website: www.janettegleason.com. (Architect/Designer: iCandy Graphics & Web Design)


The Upper Sugar River Watershed Association (USRWA) is a a grassroots, self-sustaining, non-profit conservation organization.

The Upper Sugar River Watershed, with a drainage area of approximately 170 square miles and 115 stream miles, is located in Dane County in southern Wisconsin. It is rich in resources, including fisheries, wildlife habitat (including rare and endangered species), native plant communities (many in decline), and recreational opportunities.

Their current projects includes streambank work parties, environmental education, citizen based stream monitoring and aquatic invasive species monitoring.

If you're interested in learning more about the Upper Sugar River Watershed or volunteering to help this vital organization, visit their website: usrwa.org. (Architect/Designer: iCandy Graphics & Web Design)

Linkage Research & Consulting

Michele Dekinder-Smith, President of Linkage Research & Consulting, Inc. is committed to providing superior, right-sized research to her clients. Over time, she has carefully built a seasoned team of researchers who are passionate about getting to the heart of business challenges and helping their clients make powerful marketing decisions.

Linkage Research & Consulting has honed its values of integrity, partnership, good value, big picture thinking and service excellence since its inception in 1998.

Michele and her researchers excel at data mining, ensuring your research serves multiple purposes. Their clients rely on them to dig deep into existing data when new business objectives come to light.

Check out their website at www.linkageresearch.com. (Architect/Designer: Karin Wilson)

eZone Virtual Services

Janet Janowiak, owner of eZone Virtual Services, says "Our business is getting your business found on the Internet". And she does it by providing a virtual plethora of services including Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing Services, WordPress Website Design, Social Media Services and more!

I've know Janet for years and marvel at the scope of her knowledge. Take advantage of her free Internet Marketing & Website Assessment report.

Check out the eZone Virtual Services website today! (Architect/Designer: Janet Janowiak)

pacific holistic living

Patricia ZelmEmmart of Pacific Holistic Living practices a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Do you struggle with being tired everyday? Do you feel frustrated with the extra weight you’ve put on? Do you just wish you could feel younger again?

Patricia can help you make goals and find your balance through simple changes. She is a Board Certified Health Counselor and also has certifications in yoga instruction and fitness coaching. Working on the principle of bio-individuality, she'll support you in making positive changes that are based on your unique needs, lifestyle, personal preferences, and background.

Learn more about Patricia and sign up for a free consultation on her website: PacificHolisticLiving.com

Wisconsin access to justice commission

The Wisconsin Access to Justice Commission was created to support the provision of civil legal services to low income Wisconsin residents. Their mission is to develop and encourage means of expanding access to the civil justice system for unrepresented low-income Wisconsin residents.

The Commission is working on a range of projects including preserving Federal funding, restoring State funding and increasing private funding for civil legal services.

Providing equal access to appropriate civil legal assistance can reduce the impact of domestic violence, increase access to employment, reduce homelessness, expand health care coverage and much more.

Learn about how access to justice matters and help support this important work at WisATJ.com

Jordandal Farms

Jordandal Farms is dedicated to sustainable agriculture, nutrient density and quality over quantity.

They produce grass-fed and grass-finished beef, Icelandic sheep, pasture raised chicken & turkeys, hoop house pork, as well as pasties, soups and frozen entrees.

You can buy their products at the Dane County Farmer's Market, the Westside Community Market and now, at their own fresh take-out restaurant, the Jordandal Cookhouse in Verona!

Read about their philosophy and see their products at their website: JordandalFarms.com


Looking to get Hitched?

The wedding experts at Hitched serve brides and couples in northeast Illinois and southeast Wisconsin to develop dream weddings and custom bridal experiences.

They understand the importance and significance of your wedding day. From the flowers to the floor plan, your big day will be fashioned with elegance just for you!

Go to the website we created for Hitched (Architect/Designer: Jennifer Seubert) to get more information about their special packages. Then "give them a ring" to get expert help with your wedding day!

Summerland Education

Summerland Education provides education and advisory services to help healthcare enterprises reach Stage 7 and go far beyond.

With over 15 years of healthcare information technology experience and knowledge from working with award-winning organizations, Summerland’s goal is to transfer “know how” that empowers long-term success. Summerland’s services are firmly founded in knowledge, expertise and a caring spirit.

MJ Reiners launched Summerland Education to enable healthcare organizations to leverage internal resources and develop high performing work teams in order to reach their EHR goals. She asked the Home Page Construction Company (Architect/Designer: Jennifer Seubert) to create a professional website where she could promote her services and distribute educational articles.

EMR projects are large and complex. Your best defense is working with an experienced advisor like MJ Reiners!

The rainbow project

The Rainbow Project website (Architect/Designer Jennifer Seubert) was remodeled as a labor of love by the Home Page Construction Company.

The Rainbow Project mission is to provide restorative healing & hope for young children & their families who have experienced trauma - building a foundation for the mastery of life sustaining skills. They provide individualized, consumer-centered, & responsive services within a variety of settings. Services provided include short & long-term counseling, prevention & early intervention services for children, adults and families in Dane County and the surrounding area.

The Phenomenal Women of Wisconsin networking group selected The Rainbow Project as their "Giving Back to the Community" non-profit project for 2011. As our contribution to the project, HPCCo donated a website remodel which was gladly accepted.

The software that The Rainbow Project's previous website was built on was obsolete which presented challenges both in terms of its visual appearance and limited capabilities.

According to a Rainbow Project representative, "The Home Page Construction Company met our needs very well. I especially appreciate their thorough documentation materials and "hands on" training. I have received a great deal of positive feedback from staff members and others after they've been on the new website."

Please check out their new website and and click the Donate button to help The Rainbow Project help others!

Wil-mar neighborhood center

The Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center is a community-directed, non-profit organization based in the Williamson-Marquette neighborhood of Madison, WI. They concentrate on enhancing the quality of life by fostering community building and partnerships. They support many life enriching programs including an after school program, food pantry, senior nutrition and recreation program, and a summer youth camp.

They host a weekly Farmer's Market and each July, they organize the La Fete de Marquette celebrating French food, music and culture.

The website we created (Architect/Designer Tsela Barr), provided the Wil-Mar Center with a remodeled, easy-to-navigate site that allows visitors to make donations and get information about Wil-Mar's programs, festivals and annual pie sale!

stairway to Wellness

Stairway to Wellness is a Center for Yoga, Healing & Exercise in the Richland Center, WI area. One year after opening their beautiful Center, the owner, Deborah Wunnicke, thought it was time to amp up their business. She realized that a web presence was a natural next step. Being in a rural area, she knew that a website would provide easy access to information about classes, services, teachers and schedules.

Why did she choose the Home Page Construction Company?

"We had interviewed a number of website services. While competent, the chemistry wasn't there. A business acquaintance had used Home Page Construction Company for her website and highly recommended them. I wanted to work with someone who could both take charge and take direction. Melodee impressed me with her confidence, her reassuring communication style, and comfort with the webworld."

We took Tsela Barr's beautiful website design and created a site that provided all the information Deborah was hoping to convey to current and prospective clients. It also allows us to quickly update the site's calendar and workshop pages, keeping her website expenses low.

More from Deborah:
""Home Page Construction provided the framework for our website based on my intentions. The process was facilitated by good listening, thoughtful questions, and a "can do" attitude. They effectively incorporated all the elements that I wanted in our website and have accommodated changes easily and quickly. Based on my experience with the construction of our website, I use Home Page Construction to update our site on a regular basis."

Ann Stanger, MD

Dr. Ann Stanger's webmaster had decided to retire - in a month. Dr. Stanger needed to move her website to another web host. She also wanted to portray a more professional image, so she called the Home Page Construction Company for a website remodel. (Architect/Designer Jennifer Seubert)

As a doctor specializing in complementary medicine, she needed her site to educate through text, pictures and video. But she also wanted the site to be personable and inviting, just like her office.

The Home Page Construction Company combined photos of handmade quilts that are on display in the office with downloadable documents and educational videos to make the website a mini representation of Dr. Stanger, her office, and her patient care.

Dr. Stanger:
"I had heard great things about Melodee and how easy she made it. The sites that she did looked great, too! I felt very helped and supported by the Home Page Construction Company."

S.U. Consulting

S.U. Consulting (Architect/Designer Jennifer Seubert) highlights the expertise of Dr. Susan Udelhofen in the areas of curriculum mapping, assessment, and teacher mentoring.

She provides consultation services throughout the United States to thousands of educators from small, large, rural and urban school districts, education agencies, universities and colleges. Her work with preschool through grade 16 educators and administrators primarily focuses on issues and practices related to curriculum mapping, teacher mentoring, assessment and program evaluation.

Dr. Udelhofen, as with many of the individuals we work with, needed to portray a more professional image to her prospective clients. At the same time, she hoped to find a website development company that would listen closely, communicate clearly, and provide valuable website expertise.

The Home Page Construction Company was happy to oblige.

cogent pharma

Cogent Pharma (Architect/Designer Tsela Barr) provides highly experienced, flexible consultant resources to perform a wide range of services for clinical research and development teams in support of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

Mary Dixon Drake was looking for a contemporary yet professional-looking website to promote the varied services that her company provides. The Home Page Construction Company created a colorful, easy-to-navigate site to do just that!

Massage East

Massage East (Architect/Designer Jenn Seubert) provides therapeutic bodywork in Madison, Wisconsin. Kira Milanich inherited the Massage East website when she bought the business six years ago and she felt it was time for a redesign.

One of her best massage therapists recommended the Home Page Construction Company to do the job. We had a great time taking her brother's original header design and creating a beautiful and functional website. It's easy to find information about the types of massage they provide, their therapists - even tips on making your experience more enjoyable. We also organized their rates and policies, and streamlined the process of purchasing gift certificates.

A key benefit: Kira will be able to update therapist information and change their hours or rates anytime she wants, quickly and easily!

Here are some of Kira's comments:
"The crew at the Home Page Construction Company were very patient with me - it took me a while to do my part of the process. Communication was great throughout the process."
"I recommend the Home Page Construction Company!"

Rescue desk Virtual Assistant Services

Rescue Desk LLC (Architect/Designer Rachel Rasmussen) was a website remodel for Virtual Assistant, Rachel Rasmussen. She was dealing with some technical issues with her web host, and needed assistance transferring her site to a new location. She had wanted to transfer her website to a WordPress-based platform for quite some time, due to its SEO capabilities and its ease of use. But, transferring domains and email accounts is something she knew she'd need help with, and if she tried to re-create her website in WordPress, it would be a long and arduous task since she'd also have to learn "on the fly" as she was doing it!

So, she called on the Home Page Construction Company to move her site to a new host and to a WordPress site based on the Headway Theme, incorporating her own design changes. With the training we provided, she's able to make basic changes to her own site - saving her even more time and money!

We were thrilled to read her comments when we finished her site:
"Home Page Construction Company didn't just meet my needs … they EXCEEDED my needs! Melodee and HPCCo went above and beyond, going so far as contacting and working with my former web host and troubleshooting any transfer issues completely on my behalf, which was a HUGE stress reliever for me! In addition, they worked easily within my budget and provided excellent training and technical support so I could manage and maintain my site on my own. Melodee and I have had a professional relationship for a few years, so I knew without a doubt that she not only had the expertise I needed, but that she was also extremely creative and easy to work with!"
"I'd recommend HPCCo to any organization that wants a professionally designed and developed site using this particular platform. Because of their work, I can now add comfortably add my website to my overall marketing strategy (my former site wasn't NEARLY as "marketing friendly"!)."

dynamic business Duos

Dynamic Business Duos (Architect/Designer Jennifer Seubert) was a fun website construction. Sally Anders has built a successful business focusing on "People Skills That Work". Her new book, Dynamic Business Duos, is an amazing guide to creating and sustaining a POW!er Partnership to help you succeed like a superhero in your own business!

Sally needed a website dedicated exclusively to her book, and we had great time providing her with a colorful, online presence to explain the concept behind Dynamic Business Duos and to provide a means of purchasing the book.

Sally said:
"The Home Page Construction Company came very highly recommended from other business owners. And, after talking to Melodee, I was impressed with her expertise and guidance. The forms she's developed helped me identify what I wanted and needed on the website. I recommend her to other business owners."