About the Crew

It takes a team of technical and creative people to build well-designed and functional websites. Here is the crew of the Home Page Construction Company…

Melodee Patterson - Owner & General Contractor

I’ve been working with computers since the days of punchcards and today I'm excited to bring affordable, custom-designed, search engine optimized websites to business owners everywhere!

After working as a programmer and systems analyst for a number of years I started my own business in desktop publishing, where I helped entrepreneurs develop newsletters and brochures, design direct mail campaigns, and present a Fortune 500 image on a shoestring budget.

Desktop publishing led naturally into becoming a Virtual Assistant, which combined all of my technical and creative skills into one package.

Being a small business owner myself, I’ve seen how powerfully a great website can impact a company. I developed the Home Page Construction Company to integrate my creative skills with my programming savvy – to construct websites that highlight the best that my clients have to offer.

Jennifer Seubert - Architect / Designer

Jennifer Seubert has been designing both print and electronic media since early 2002 when she earned a Bachelors degree in Graphic Arts from Viterbo University. She has had the good fortune to design for several different institutions on a wide range of subject areas including biotechnology, policy, pilates, yoga, commercial real estate, home remodeling, home financing, life coaching, reflexology, and consulting.

Jenn's passion for art, which was instilled in her by her father, a wildlife artist, is what has driven her to become the designer she is today. She truly enjoys the creative process and strives for results that are both visually pleasing and effective.

Jane Morrison - Foundations / coach

Jane Morrison has been an Internationally Certified Coach and Business Consultant since 2001. She has a strong desire to help self-employed people reach their goals faster and easier. She specializes in serving Entrepreneurs. After launching her own business, she encountered firsthand how difficult it was to create consistent marketing materials that clearly told her story, differentiated her from competitors, and brought the value of her services to the forefront of her customer’s minds.

When you’re creating your website, you want it to serve a purpose and convey important things about you. She has a skill for listening to her customers and to be able to abstract the things that are important for customers to know, helping you clearly identify your target market, market niche (specialty), your unique selling propositions, brand promise and core values – things critical to share to grow your business.

Her program, Website Clarity, is an inexpensive way to get clarity on website copy and create it right the first time.

Stacey Morris - Interiors / Copywriter

I started doing live demonstrations of kitchen gadgets when I was 13 years old. Since then, I’ve trained, sold, and wrote copy for hundreds of products and services.
My strength is keying into the benefits most compelling to your market and connecting those
benefits to concrete results.
My background and training have been instrumental in helping me to
understand and “get into” the mind of your prospect – their needs,
desires, fears; in short, I get to the heart of what keeps them up and
night, and write copy that promises the solutions they crave.
I’ve written copy for a variety of industries, but now focus most of my
energy on writing website content, newsletter articles, and email campaigns.
I don’t travel as much anymore, but I still miss saying “Step right up” and “But wait – there’s more!”