13 Questions Your Website Designer Will Ask

Want a custom-designed website? Then you’re going to have to do your homework. You are the only person who knows what you want  – and you need to give the designer a peek into your brain. Then she’ll be able to create a design that’s perfect for you and your business.

Here are some questions you’ll be asked:

What is the purpose of your website?
For example: Are you selling a downloadable or tangible product? Are you selling a service? Is it strictly informative? What do you want visitors to do when they get to your site?

What pages will you need?
Most website have the basic three web pages: Home, About, Contact. Depending on your business, you may also need a Services, Products, Coming Events, Testimonials, and/or FAQ pages.

If you have a website now, what do you like about it?
What do you dislike about it?

Be specific – notice the colors, images, overall feeling, amount of text, sidebars, blog, etc.

Find three other websites in your industry.
What do you like about each?
What do you dislike about each?

Again, be specific.

Do you have a logo?

If you do have a logo, the colors in your design will be based partially on the colors of the logo. But whether you have a logo or not, you’ll want to think about:
What colors would you like used on your website?
What colors don’t you want used on your website?

Hint: be sure you have the vector image of the logo – in .eps or .ai format. Your logo designer should be able to supply that.

What kind of feeling do you want your website to have?
This will partially depend on the type of business you’re in. You’ll probably want a colorful and fun site if children are part of your niche market, or clean and business-like if you’re an accountant.

Do you want a blog?
Blogs have an impact on navigation placement and sidebar design.

Do you have any images/photos you’d like use on your website?
You may have a professional portrait that you’d like on your “About” page. Or, you may belong to professional organizations whose logos you’d like shown. Maybe you’ve used some photos or images on your brochures that you’d also like to use online. (Be sure that you have permission to use any images you send to the designer. You can purchase royalty-free photos and images at sites like iStockphoto and 123rf.)

Will you provide your own content?
Design and content (text) go hand-in-hand. Knowing the scope and length of the text that will be used on each page is an essential part of the design process. If you don’t feel comfortable writing your own content, hire a copywriter to help you. As the saying goes, on the Internet “Content is king”!

Designing a website is a collaborative effort between you and the designer. Be prepared. Do your homework. Have fun! You’ll end up with a fantastic online presence that you’re proud of.

2 Responses to 13 Questions Your Website Designer Will Ask
  1. Angela Wills
    May 10, 2010 | 9:21 am

    Great list! I ask almost all of these to my own website design clients.

    Of course it’s just smart that you’ve printed it out here so that your potential clients know exactly what to be prepared for. That way they can come to you with the answers and get a completed website even faster 😉

  2. Melodee
    May 10, 2010 | 4:29 pm

    Shhhhh! Don’t give away all my secrets, Angela – LOL!